These rich celebrity politicians all have a number in common

June 7, 2017
By erti

Who would have thought? The late and still great Nelson Mandela and the ever living and ever breathing, longest serving, still going along, not strong these days, Robert Mugabe have something in common. It is hard to believe because these two men are poles apart in other areas of their different histories. Robert Mugabe, of course, is Zimbabwe’s only ever president. He’s been in charge since that country’s independence. Although the country has its elections every few years, popular and expert opinion suggests that Mugabe is nothing more than your proverbial despot, or crackpot, depending what you think of the man.

Most of us will agree that we couldn’t say the same about the late Nelson Mandela. While he would never agree with the analogy, many folks seem to believe that this man is a saint. That much is understandable when you consider what he went on to achieve. After spending long years behind bars during South Africa’s apartheid years, this gentleman went on to become that country’s first democratically elected president. It was not so much that historic era that marked him as the great man he was, but rather what he achieved, or set out to achieve during his brief years as president and the years that followed up to his death.

It was at his memorial service in Johannesburg that former US President, Barack Obama gave one of his greatest speeches ever. In that speech, the world’s most powerful man declared to the world that Madiba (Mandela’s clan name) made him want to be a better man. The story goes on and the legends will last forever. For the time being, what the heck could Mandela and Mugabe have in common. According to interesting biographical and profiling sites like, Mandela and Mugabe’s net worth (each) is a cool ten million dollars.

This question will continue to beg, given how different these two men really are. Another question needs to be asked, how came Mugabe to have a net of ten million when his country is pretty much a basket case with many well-educated Zimbabweans scaling the two countries’ borders (there are no walls there) into South Africa in search of greener pastures. Little did these; quite literally, poor Zimbabweans know that it’s pretty dry in the South these days. This is not the fault of Mandela. However dire the situation may seem down south, the Zimbabweans don’t mind.

It just goes to show just how bad things are in Mugabe’s kingdom, or should that read, fiefdom. But at least we can all agree that Mandela has earned every penny. Books have been published and speeches, great speeches, have been delivered. Charity foundations have been started up in his name. The brand Mandela is worth a lot more than ten million and there are those in the world, rich celebrities included, that are reaping the benefits. Not that Mandela would have minded.