Don’t let anyone tell you you cannot study

May 31, 2017
By erti

This is a DIY note, believe it or not, that sets you on your way to do your own studying. Yes, it’s possible for you to study for your own university or college degree too. It doesn’t have to be either, it can be for a diploma too, but it must be relevant to your life and it must be in a field that interests you the most, because what is the use of doing things you really don’t have your heart and mind set on.

That has been one of the biggest issues where study is concerned. Kids just couldn’t sit still. Most of what was before them was not very interesting at all. But little did they know that all the material before them was very relevant for their future life. It was a good grounding on most occasions. If they could appreciate this, there have been many more kids their age that never had the opportunities they had.

Perhaps you were one of those kids; perhaps you were from both categories. Yes, you had opportunities, but you never took advantage of these. But as an underprivileged child, having to go out looking for work as early as possible, maybe you really wanted to study further. And now, after all these years, you finally can.

Universities and colleges around the world are opening their doors to you online. Don’t worry about the high standards still being set, that’s still a good and necessary thing. But to prepare you for your first formal year, you can take part in induction courses which equip you well with the study, reading and writing skills that you will need going forward.

And so, you always wanted to be a vet; well, you can do that too.