Playing Kendama with a Friend

July 3, 2017
By erti

If you want to play a fun game that you have never tried before, we would recommend Kendama. We think it is one of those games that you are going to love, especially if you are the type of person who likes a challenge. When you first look at the game of Kendama, you may think that it is very easy. But you will soon realize that is easy is not the way that you would describe this type of game. Sure, it is easy to start playing. But it is not very easy at all to beat someone at the game.

The objective of the game is that you are going to use the string to get the ball up into the air and through different motions, and then you will get it back on the wooden Ken. In terms of playing with another person, you will each need your own set of the Ken and Tama. The Ken refers to the wood, while the Tama is the ball. When you each have your own Kendama to play with – you will be able to play with each other. The goal is to do better than your opponent at the different moves.

If you want to buy a new set, you can go here to find one that is affordably priced and high quality. You may think that you can get one of these sets from a local shop, but we think it is unlikely. This is a very fun game, but it is also not too widely known either. So, if you want to have a good experience with it, we would suggest that you go ahead and you get a quality version online. It will last you a lifetime, and you are going to have so much fun playing the game.

It is one of those games that you can just play with a friend for hours. Even if you are both not that good at the game, it does not matter too much. You will soon notice that the game is so much fun in terms of how you learn the different moves. If you are questioning how you add up the points or determine who wins, you can always go online to learn more about the rules and the different tricks that you can do.

The thing with one of these toys is that you can even give it as a gift to your kids or to a friend. If your kid does not have too many toys that make him learn new things, we think this game is one of those toys that you will really love. It will make your kid learn something new, and they will always strive to get better at the game. And they will make new friends too, as they can show others how the game is played. Overall, we think that Kendama is one of those special games that everyone should play at least a few times in their life!

Avoid Criminal Charges thank to the Massachusetts Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative

June 10, 2017
By erti

A criminal charge for marijuana possession leads to a criminal record that can leave serious impacts on your life and follow you for many years ahead. The conviction can impact your ability to gain a new job, receive security clearances, obtain a professional license, or even obtain a home or student loans.  You should always speak to a lawyer if you’ve been charged with a crime of marijuana possession.

A New Change

Massachusetts Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative

Thanks to the Massachusetts Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative, a bill passed in 2008 stating that those in the state of Massachusetts are no longer criminally charged if they are found in possession of marijuana. Instead, they are given a civil charge and are ordered to pay a fine of $100. This rule applies only to adults who are 18 years of age or older, and for amounts of marijuana under one ounce. The law does not restrict the loss of a weapon which would ordinarily occur after a drug conviction.

The Law in Other Cities and States

So why would you need a lawyer if this new initiative is in effect? There are many reasons why this is true, especially if you live outside the Boston area, of if you do not live in the state of MA. Although there are numerous states following suit of this one, many are still strict on the consequences they give to those who are convicted, and a lawyer can use this initiative and the bill to help reduce the impact of your consequences if you’re convicted.

A lawyer helps you get out of the charge with as little impact on your life as possible. There has been so much research conducted concerning marijuana and its benefits and effects for the health. Many stats have made it legal to use marijuana for medicinal purposes, and many are following suit and legalizing it for recreational use, too. This includes the states of Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, and others.

Why You Need a Lawyer

A lawyer on your side ensures that you do not experience life altering consequences after being found in possession of marijuana. Since there has been no changes to the laws surrounding marijuana for so long now, this is very much important. If you are convicted of charge of marijuana, you may be unable to live a successful and fulfilling life as you so desire. This bill was passed to minimize such drastic hazards.

You can also enjoy more peace of mind when there is a lawyer on your side. Lawyer know the laws, how to defend you, and how to reduce the charges whenever possible. How nice would it be to face a conviction and pay a fine and get it erased from your criminal record? This new initiate makes that possible but make sure that there is a lawyer there to represent your case and help you in the time of need. You will be glad that you did.

These rich celebrity politicians all have a number in common

June 7, 2017
By erti

Who would have thought? The late and still great Nelson Mandela and the ever living and ever breathing, longest serving, still going along, not strong these days, Robert Mugabe have something in common. It is hard to believe because these two men are poles apart in other areas of their different histories. Robert Mugabe, of course, is Zimbabwe’s only ever president. He’s been in charge since that country’s independence. Although the country has its elections every few years, popular and expert opinion suggests that Mugabe is nothing more than your proverbial despot, or crackpot, depending what you think of the man.

Most of us will agree that we couldn’t say the same about the late Nelson Mandela. While he would never agree with the analogy, many folks seem to believe that this man is a saint. That much is understandable when you consider what he went on to achieve. After spending long years behind bars during South Africa’s apartheid years, this gentleman went on to become that country’s first democratically elected president. It was not so much that historic era that marked him as the great man he was, but rather what he achieved, or set out to achieve during his brief years as president and the years that followed up to his death.

It was at his memorial service in Johannesburg that former US President, Barack Obama gave one of his greatest speeches ever. In that speech, the world’s most powerful man declared to the world that Madiba (Mandela’s clan name) made him want to be a better man. The story goes on and the legends will last forever. For the time being, what the heck could Mandela and Mugabe have in common. According to interesting biographical and profiling sites like, Mandela and Mugabe’s net worth (each) is a cool ten million dollars.

This question will continue to beg, given how different these two men really are. Another question needs to be asked, how came Mugabe to have a net of ten million when his country is pretty much a basket case with many well-educated Zimbabweans scaling the two countries’ borders (there are no walls there) into South Africa in search of greener pastures. Little did these; quite literally, poor Zimbabweans know that it’s pretty dry in the South these days. This is not the fault of Mandela. However dire the situation may seem down south, the Zimbabweans don’t mind.

It just goes to show just how bad things are in Mugabe’s kingdom, or should that read, fiefdom. But at least we can all agree that Mandela has earned every penny. Books have been published and speeches, great speeches, have been delivered. Charity foundations have been started up in his name. The brand Mandela is worth a lot more than ten million and there are those in the world, rich celebrities included, that are reaping the benefits. Not that Mandela would have minded.