Helping dog lovers to understand and appreciate lick granuloma

July 3, 2017
By erti
in Dogs

Hearing this expression for the first time can be a cause of consternation. Because at this stage, not many layman (or woman) dog lovers have the foggiest idea what is meant by lick granuloma. By now, you get the first bit, if you will. You immediately associate the ‘lick’ with the dog. This is something a dog does on a regular basis. It licks its chops around dinner time. What is it about dogs? Do they not always seem to be so ravenously hungry?

But the ‘granuloma’ bit, now there’s a hungry bit. At this stage it sounds like some or another association with grain-based food. It’s good for the dogs, as any good vet worth his salt will tell you. Just as long as the food that’s been fed to the dog is organic, that’s what they are now all saying. You don’t need to pop into your vet right this minute to find out and appreciate what all this lick granuloma nonsense is all about.

Because we can tell you right away that it’s not all nonsense, not by a long shot. It’s actually quite serious and if your little dog has a persistent habit of licking and gnawing on its paws all day long then you’d best take note of the rest of this article. We’ll be explaining it in layman’s terms for you. And we’ll also tell you what you can do about a particularly nasty habit that, if allowed to persist, can become a bother to your dog’s health.

lick granuloma

While the vet will no doubt be recommending this preventative measure, without a formal prescription, mind you, you do not need the vet to apply the treatment. By now, you should know your dog well enough and it sure enough trusts you that much. It takes just a minute to slip on a pair of leg protectors on the dog’s legs. And look at that. Almost immediately, well not quite, that might be a little unrealistic, the dog proceeds to stop licking and chewing on its paws and legs.

It is a pleasant sight to behold and it is a lot better than the good vet’s ominous diagnosis of lick granuloma. Worst case scenario, if left untreated for prolonged periods, will be infections and scabs. When that happens, the vet would have no alternative but to prescribe the more expensive but necessary treatment schedules. And that is also quite an unpleasant journey for both dog and its dog lover.

Perhaps you’ve been through that ordeal with your dog before. Applying regular ointment to infected areas can be a tearful pain in the dog’s butt. Let’s not go there, dog lovers, and adopt one of the world’s oldest medical philosophies. As the medical men and women have been saying for donkey’s years; prevention is better than cure. Dog protectors are part of that prevention. And without a prescription, you can purchase these online tonight if needs be.