Avoid Criminal Charges thank to the Massachusetts Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative

June 10, 2017
By erti

A criminal charge for marijuana possession leads to a criminal record that can leave serious impacts on your life and follow you for many years ahead. The conviction can impact your ability to gain a new job, receive security clearances, obtain a professional license, or even obtain a home or student loans.  You should always speak to a lawyer if you’ve been charged with a crime of marijuana possession.

A New Change

Massachusetts Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative

Thanks to the Massachusetts Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative, a bill passed in 2008 stating that those in the state of Massachusetts are no longer criminally charged if they are found in possession of marijuana. Instead, they are given a civil charge and are ordered to pay a fine of $100. This rule applies only to adults who are 18 years of age or older, and for amounts of marijuana under one ounce. The law does not restrict the loss of a weapon which would ordinarily occur after a drug conviction.

The Law in Other Cities and States

So why would you need a lawyer if this new initiative is in effect? There are many reasons why this is true, especially if you live outside the Boston area, of if you do not live in the state of MA. Although there are numerous states following suit of this one, many are still strict on the consequences they give to those who are convicted, and a lawyer can use this initiative and the bill to help reduce the impact of your consequences if you’re convicted.

A lawyer helps you get out of the charge with as little impact on your life as possible. There has been so much research conducted concerning marijuana and its benefits and effects for the health. Many stats have made it legal to use marijuana for medicinal purposes, and many are following suit and legalizing it for recreational use, too. This includes the states of Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, and others.

Why You Need a Lawyer

A lawyer on your side ensures that you do not experience life altering consequences after being found in possession of marijuana. Since there has been no changes to the laws surrounding marijuana for so long now, this is very much important. If you are convicted of charge of marijuana, you may be unable to live a successful and fulfilling life as you so desire. This bill was passed to minimize such drastic hazards.

You can also enjoy more peace of mind when there is a lawyer on your side. Lawyer know the laws, how to defend you, and how to reduce the charges whenever possible. How nice would it be to face a conviction and pay a fine and get it erased from your criminal record? This new initiate makes that possible but make sure that there is a lawyer there to represent your case and help you in the time of need. You will be glad that you did.